Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Filled with dread...

Hubby is out of town tonight. Kiddo, who I kept home from school because of a cold she's been brewing, has been campaigning all day to take his spot tonight. I am filled with dread at the prospect.

Now, it isn't that I don't love snuggling with my child. It isn't even that I mind the way she twists around in her sleep, invariably winding up perpendicular to me with a foot jammed into my armpit or a knee/elbow combo in my ribcage. Truly, I can handle that. I wound up sleeping in bed with her every single night while we were in the hotel in Florida last August. It's not even that she snores or hogs the covers and pillows.

It's this:

Except, instead of water cascading over a rock ledge, it is snot cascading down my beloved Kiddo's face. Snot and germs galore.

Yeah, really do NOT want that inches away from my face all night, dampening my pillow and befouling my flannel sheets. I mean, I've been Mommy the Human Kleenex all day today, so it is highly likely I'm contaminated with her germs already (despite fanatical handwashing, liberal use of hand sanitizer and several vigorous applications of Lysol to various rooms). I just don't want the Niagara Falls Nostrils snuffling into my room and beseeching me to snuggle all night long. I admit, I am virtually powerless against the charms of my child in the night, even when she's sporting the Glazed Donut Monster (tm Bill Cosby) look.

Hoping against hope she falls deeply asleep and doesn't stir until morning...

(Oh and the good news is this cold hasn't been nearly as bad as it seemed like it was going to be - *knock wood* - so unless her symptoms are dramatically worse in the morning or she begins running a fever, she is totally going to school. So much for the kindergarten perfect attendance award!)


nikkicrumpet said...

EWWW...I love kids...but ewwwwww

Eudea-Mamia said...

We're so there with you Youngest has got it - LOVE it! I can only imagine how many Kleenex I will be fishing out of the dryer vent come this weekend when I finally come up for air and do laundry.

Cross you fingers Dear Hubby doesn't get it - HE's the worst of all!!! And I can't kick him out of the bed.


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Can you let her fall asleep in your bed and then put her in hers?

Kelsey said...

Aggh I hate the fall colds! They are the worst. A had one for a week straight and I played Nanny the human kleenex and constant fever reducer/ice pack head applicator.

Hoping you get to sleep alone tonight!

Carrie said...

The midget has a cold that's been hanging on for almost two weeks now. I am practically broke from buying so much kleenex with lotion!

Hope she's all better now!!