Saturday, April 23, 2011

Oh, that wascally wabbit!

Look where the Easter Bunny hid Kiddo's basket this year:

The Easter Bunny is clearly employing the same strategy he used way back in the day, when my Easter basket was found after a lengthy search (and ultimately several "you're getting warmer/colder" type hints from my dad, who had located it already) neatly taped to the ceiling above the dining room chandelier.  Yes, I walked around the dining room approximately 800 times that morning before I ever found it.  It's a miracle we ever made it out the door to church that day, considering that back in the 70s we used to go to the sunrise service for Easter.  (I asked my mother earlier this afternoon if she and Dad were planning on attending the sunrise service tomorrow.  She laughed maniacally before informing me that no, they'll be going to the 10:30am service instead.  Oh, how I would've loved a 10:30 church service back in my youth instead of the crack o' dawn!)

The butterfly in front of the basket is one Kiddo made and always hangs from that plant hook.  This hook is located directly above the area where Kiddo currently has her Littlest Pet Shop/Star Wars/safari animal Empire spread out on the family room carpet.  Anyone want to hazard a guess as to how long it'll take her to look up and spot it?  I reckon it will either be something she spots instantly when she comes down the stairs into the family room (she has heard the story of the year my basket was on the ceiling before) or she'll never spot it at all.  I sent the picture to my parents and asked them how long they think it'll take her to find it.  Dad's answer? "Fourth of July."  Considering this is a kid who can't find her sneakers on the kitchen floor when she's looking right at them, Grandpa might be pretty accurate...

Stay tuned!

(And never fear, these

aren't in there yet.  The Easter Bunny won't hide them until after church tomorrow, so they're still safely in the fridge, where they have been tempting both Hubby and Kiddo since yesterday afternoon.  Easter is the only time of year I ever hard boil eggs.  I do not fancy hard boiled eggs in any form - plain, deviled, saladed - so they each get six a year.  Kiddo is already salivating in anticipation of Monday's lunch.  Hard boiled eggs and a bologna and provolone sandwich - she'll be quite popular in the cafeteria, I'm sure.  Heh.)

Where's the most creative place the Easter Bunny ever hid a basket in your house?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Now *this* is the life...

That?  Right there?  The picture of contentment and the warmest, toastiest bit of belly fuzz you've ever scritched.  Crazy Cat doesn't usually allow the belly of the beast to be exposed in such a manner, but she just could. not. resist! the magnetic pull of the afternoon sun.  (Outside, it may only have been 49 degrees F but on her pillow with the sun beaming in, it was positively equatorial.)  Note to self: if ever I take another spin on this globe, make sure I come back as a thoroughly spoiled house cat.

(Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Crazy Cat, who turns 9 years old tomorrow!)