Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Not-Really-Even-*Mostly* Wordless Wednesday: Ladies Who Lunch (again)

Last week, through a flurry of tweets and emails ('cause we're techno-chic like that), my blogging friends Kristin and Andy and I made plans for lunch. (Yes, it *does* totally rock that I have friends who dwell both in my blogosphere and in my greater metropolitan area.) We decided to dine at a Mexican place that none of us had been to recently, but of which we all held fond memories of delicious meals from some point in the past.

We met at just slightly past the appointed hour (with various texts exchanged en route to decry the state of traffic back-ups at intersections and the like - told ya we're techno-chic!) in the parking lot of the chosen Mexican restaurant, our mouths watering in anticipation of margaritas, chips and cheese-and-sour-cream-laden deliciousness.

Alas, the restaurant was closed. Apparently they don't serve lunch any more, as we deduced from both trying the doorknob (it was locked) and looking at the sign, which had a classy piece of silver duct tape covering the word "LUNCH" on it.

So, on to Plan B. We hopped back in to our respective Mom Mobiles and cruised on up the street to a BBQ joint that was (a) open and (b) not too far away from the Mexican place. Once seated, we had a lunch full of decent enough food, exceedingly enjoyable and hilarious company, and cold beer or water or overly carbonated ginger ale, depending on the glass in front of each of us. And some deep-fried pickles, too (which I personally declined to try, because I don't do pickles unless they're in relish form. Don't ask, it's just another one of my things).

The best part of this lunch, besides the company, was the fact that the walls and ceilings were covered with graffiti left by previous patrons and the fact that the waitress cheerfully provided us with a cup of markers with which we could leave our own mark. That cup was woefully inadequate in terms of decent markers, but fortunately all three of us carry Sharpies in our Mom Mobiles. (Also wet wipes, which come in handy when eating BBQ.) Andy ran out to her car for a Sharpie and once we were done with lunch, we chose a nice, empty spot upon which to leave our words of wisdom for posterity.

That spot happened to be on the ceiling. We rearranged some furniture (by this point we were the only folks in the restaurant except for one other table, so our raucousness and jocularity weren't bothering anyone else. Well, except maybe for that one other table...) Now, none of us are particularly tall (Kristin's the tallest at about 5'8") so we had to employ a chair for our graffitiing. (Yes I just made that word up. Nothing like verbing a noun, baby!) Kristin went first, and complained about the extreme difficulty level in writing on the ceiling. Andy and I poo-pooed her complaints until it was our turn to man the Sharpie. For the record: it is *extremely* hard to write on the ceiling, especially when balanced somewhat precariously upon a chair and with a blazing hot recessed light within centimeters of your face/hand.

Now, finally, the (mostly) wordless portion of this post.....

Kristin beginning our graffitiing:

I went next but haven't gotten those pictures from Andy or Kristin, so we'll skip my turn and move right on to Andy's:

Once we'd finished we did a bit of decorating and this was our final result:

Of course then we needed pictures of ourselves with our work of majestic art:

Maria, our waitress, was acting as photographer for this portion of events. After taking the above picture, she asked us to pose "for a nice shot" now. And I wasn't even looking like I was going to pick Kristin's nose in the one above, either!

Here's the "nice" one:

So there you have it. Who needs BlogHer? (Though we decided we will road trip together to NYC for BlogHer '10 next summer!) Ladies, I'm ready for lunch again whenever you are - and next time, I promise we'll make sure the restaurant is open before we go!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kiddo's eyes

So, we met with the eye doctor this morning. Hubby went too, and we brought Kiddo's grandma along to sit with her in the waiting room following the exam so Kiddo wouldn't have to hear the discussion (or see the visual aids, as it turned out).

The news, as we expected, wasn't good. The patches, like the glasses before them, aren't correcting the exotropia. Worse news is that Kiddo's brain is now suppressing the signals/information from her right eye and only "using" her left eye for vision (unless her left eye is covered, then it will use the right).

The doctor is advocating for surgery. He went through with diagrams and explained exactly what they do. This isn't an uncommon procedure, it is done on an outpatient basis and takes about half an hour. Kiddo would miss, at most, 3 days of school and would come home immediately after the procedure. No hospital, even; they do the surgery at an outpatient surgery center.

We discussed at length. I took notes. Hubby and I discussed further. We looked up studies and read anecdotal evidence. There is the alternative of vision therapy, which we considered (that was all the stuff I was doing with the insurance company for the past several weeks). We discussed even more.

The end result is that we've decided to go ahead with the surgery. I'm waiting for the surgical coordinator to call me back to get Kiddo on the schedule. We're hoping for the end of September or beginning of October, so we don't have it right at the start of school.

I know in the grand scheme of things, this is not the most horrible kind of surgery one's child could need to have done. I know that it isn't extremely complicated or lengthy or anything. That doesn't make me feel any better knowing that Kiddo will be going under general anesthesia and that they will be cutting into her eye muscles. We're not telling Kiddo until much closer to the date - no need for her to obsess. Mommy is perfectly capable of obsessing enough for all of us.

I just hope this will work and correct the problem, once and for all.

Monday, July 27, 2009

My mind is full, but at least there are some pictures...

Lots on my mind right now. Drama, visitors we were expecting unable to come (leading to much disappointment especially on Kiddo's part), all sorts of stuff, shenanigans and nonsense. Tomorrow morning Kiddo has an appointment with the eye doctor to determine if the patching is effective at treating her exotropia. I'm pretty darn sure it isn't, as I still see the turning as much as I ever did. So, Hubby and I will be discussing The Next Step with the doctor after he finishes the exam. We already know the doctor advocates for surgery in such situations, and fully expect him to recommend surgery as the best treatment option tomorrow. We aren't ready to necessarily jump on in and say "Okay, please cut into my child's eyeballs" without a lengthy discussion and lots of thought. I've already spent more hours than anyone should need to spend doing the Will They Cover This? dance with the insurance company, in an attempt to get all my ducks neatly lined up to try vision therapy as an alternative before surgery. As of tonight (the result of weeks of being glued to the phone, listening to some very bad hold music, and speaking with Kiddo's primary care physician, the vision therapy doctor's office and the insurance company, writing letters and having the doctor write letters, etc etc etc), we have approval for Kiddo to be initially evaluated by Vision Therapist Eye Doc, but not much more than that. Still going to have to fight to get the potential 24 weeks of vision therapy covered. Worst case scenario is we don't renovate the kitchen this year as planned and we pay out of pocket for the vision therapy, but I'm darn well hoping the insurance company steps up to the plate, as, after all, that's what they're theoretically there for, right?

Following the Eyeball Fun first thing in the morning, Kiddo has her screening for classroom placement for the first grade in our new district. I'm hoping she shows off what a smart cookie she is so that she gets appropriate placement. Every now and again, she'll play dumb, like say she can't read something that she absolutely can, or not give it her best effort and sort of half-ass read something and mispronounce words she knows very well how to say/read. It's laziness or stubbornness or both, and it frustrates us no end, and I am fervently hoping she doesn't pull that tomorrow. She is now reading well enough to look over my shoulder and sight read aloud as I'm typing an email or tweet or Facebook status update or comment (and, for the record, I type ridiculously fast - well over 100wpm). She should be able to ace any first grade test they give her, just based on what her reading level was as of the end of May in kindergarten. Yes, I'm obsessing, but given the challenges we're having with getting her IEP transferred over (or recreated, as the case may be), I want to know that at least her classroom placement will be appropriate and not an environment in which she will easily be bored. Boredom for Kiddo with her SPD is a Very Bad Thing. (Not that boredom is good for any other kid, it's just that with her sensory-seeking system, being bored can lead to extra-disruptive behavior because boredom = lack of sufficient sensory input and then she'll go seeking more sensory input, and not necessarily in appropriate ways.)

So, yeah, lots going on and not a lot of it fun blog material. I do have some pictures from a blogging buddy lunch last Friday (holla, Andy and Kristin!) but I haven't pulled those off the camera yet. Perhaps I'll get that up by Mostly Wordless Wednesday time...

In the meantime, Kiddo's in-town grandma made, from scratch, adorable new tiebacks for the curtains in her room and the paint is finally cured to the point that Kiddo could (with Hubby's assistance) put up her wall animal decals. So, here are some pictures of The Pink Safari, mostly done. (Still need to repaint and rehang the closet doors and find an area rug, but other than that, it's done!)

Here are the curtains with the fantabulous, pink, polka-dot tiebacks. I was struggling to get a decent shot with the lighting and the flash... sorry these are a bit washed out.

A shot of the wall above Kiddo's dresser. The decals are pretty high quality - they're not too shiny and plastic/vinyl-looking unless you get up very, very close.

Kiddo was extremely specific about which decals were to go where. Above her headboard, she wanted "the big cats" along with, apparently, some food in case they get hungry. The flash caught the cheetah a bit in this one:

A close-up of one of the decals. I love how they blend into the pink on the walls. It really is the Pink Safari!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Bedhead Prizewinner (over 35 division)

Don'tcha think that if there *were* a prize for Most Spectacular Bedhead, I'd have the Over 35 Division clinched this morning? I mean, I had to sleep hard to achieve such rumpletude and overall height.

(And yes, I did actually snap a photo of myself shortly after waking up this morning and post it, unadulterated, to the interwebz. This is because I know that I am *that* hot. Mmmm-hmm.)

Monday, July 20, 2009

You know how it can be *too* quiet?

You know how sometimes, when you have children in your home, it can get too quiet? So quiet that your Spidey Sense starts tingling and tells you to immediately go seek out why there is such an absence of noise?

Sometimes, what you find is utter chaos and destruction.

Sometimes, what you find is an impromptu nap...

It seems that the combination of Kiddo's extremely active day at camp (this is "sports" week and baseball and soccer were played with much enthusiasm as well as a few spills, if the grass stains on the front and seat of her pants offer any evidence) and a twenty minute, read quietly to yourself in your super-comfy beanbag chair activity once we arrived home were just too much for Kiddo. By the time my Spidey Sense tingled and I went to investigate, there was already a pool of drool larger than the size of her hand accumulated beneath her cheek. Hopefully she was having highly literate dreams...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday in the park

Despite ominous predictions of rain and clouds today (it was deemed the "washout" of the two weekend days just last night by one local meteorologist), it was sunny, albeit cool, for pretty much the whole day.

So, we decided to head off to the park up the road and pay a visit to the fish hatcheries with their teeming hordes of hungry fish. Good thing I had a pocket full of quarters for the fish food pellet dispensers!

Here's Kiddo feeding one of the pools of two year old fish (they were all different kinds of trout). The two year olds had that "swarm" thing down pretty well.

Kiddo realized that feeding the older fish required some dexterity...

...because the fish were quite splashy in their quest to Get Those Pellets In Mah Belly!

A better shot of Kiddo getting splashed in thanks for all her efforts at staving off the fishies' hunger:

The perpetrators of the "Ewwww, I'm covered in fishy water" crime:

Alas, Kiddo wasn't the only one who got splashed! (Hubby also got doused a few times, but I didn't capture that for posterity, as it turns out):

(Yes, I know I haven't had that pedicure yet. I haven't chickened out, I swear! I'm going to do it at the beginning of August so my feet look purty poolside when we got to Disney next month!)

This was an entirely candid shot. I have no idea why Kiddo had this look on her face as she looked over at us, but hee!

Another candid that cracked me up. Kiddo was either singing to or calling to the fish as she fed them... Feed the fish, tuppence a bag (or, rather, a quarter a handful, as the case may be)...

On our way back to the car (in that pouring down rain...), I asked Hubby to get a picture of Kiddo and me in front of some pretty flowers. Our faces came out kind of shadowed so I had to lighten it up to see our faces, and Kiddo's hair was blowing in my face so it's kind of pixelated looking, but it's still us along with the pine cone Kiddo picked up and decided we needed to bring home. At least we didn't bring any of the voluminous amounts of goose poop that was everywhere around the hatcheries home with us...

Last but not least, here's an updated shot of Kiddo's room, all moved into and lived in now, featuring a cameo appearance by Crazy Cat, who was perching atop Kiddo's easel and giving Mad Eye Glow. Yes, Kiddo *does* sleep with that many stuffed animals on her bed (and actually there still are a few more bags of stuffed animals we haven't unpacked yet). It's an SPD thing...

(Kiddo's in-town Grandma is making her some tiebacks out of a cute pink fabric with white polka dots, and in the meantime I tied the curtains back with some pink gingham ribbon. I'll post an update once those are in place and the safari animal photo decals go up next weekend.)

Now it is evening, Kiddo's about ready to head to bed, the clouds have rolled in and the rain is falling. So glad we had a whole nice day before the weather predictions came true! Hope you're enjoying the weekend in your neck of the woods!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Freakout: In which Heather has entirely lost her shizzle

Have you seen my shizzle anywhere? Because I've lost it. Now, I thought I had lost it yesterday, after being forced into playing Let's Kick Up Some Major Drama For No Reason Other Than I Feel Like It with a member of my family that ended with me hanging up the phone on the Drama-Producer (though not until I said, as calmly as I could, "I am getting very upset and cannot talk to you any more right now. Goodbye.") and said family member is now Shunning Me With a Stony Silence, by all accounts and appearances. Yee-ha. Yep, thought that was where I waved goodbye to my shizzle as it packed up its belongings in a little red bandanna, tied it to the end of a stick and went whistling off up the road out of our subdivision for Parts Unknown.

Nope. Turns out I still had some last shards of shizzle left. And I've lost them today. It seems that the simple and easy transition we were going to have for Kiddo's services in her new school? Not going to be that simple and easy. Also, the evaluation the school psychologist was supposed to do at her old school sometime between January and June? The one that she just never quite got around to doing? (Kiddo's triennial review, for those of you In The Know about the world of Special Ed.) The one that I specifically made a point of asking the head of SpEd in our new district about whether I needed to push to have done and she told me no, it wouldn't be necessary? Well, it might be necessary after all. The entire "classification, qualification and determination of services" wheel, it might need reinventing. I'd had such faith and confidence in what I'd initially been told, way back in mid-May when we were only 2 days into living at our new house and I'd started making phone calls to the Big Cheeses here in the new school district. Silly, misplaced optimism. Now, it seems that we are facing a a whole new set of hurdles, albeit it lovely, freshly painted ones as befitting our posh, new district.

So, there you have it. Shizzle fully lost with no GPS system able to track it. And, in my current shizzle-lost state, I also still have the fun of Will Kiddo Need Eye Surgery? and its partner Will the Insurance Company Pay for Vision Therapy in Lieu of Surgery? to tango with. It takes two to tango, and that is two plus one, so I don't know how that will work. I mean, I've never been Ginger Rogers... Maybe I can convince them to do a line dance instead. I'm a Chicken Dancing ace, and also quite good at the Macarena, and Kiddo's now taught me the Tooty Ta, as she has learned in summer camp........

....and some late-breaking news from Hubby. This just in: as his current company was bought out a few months ago, he has just learned that our health insurance will be transitioning from what we have now to the new company's insurance carrier instead. We'll learn the pertinent deets in September and coverage would switch (if it has to) come January. So, all the fighting with the insurance company over coverage of potential vision therapy? Could be moot. Could be a wheel that will need reinventing and a tango that will need to be redanced after the first of the year.

So, I've lost it. Freaking out. Freaking out and PMSing and I can't take one, tiny, little additional thing. No thank you.

I think I'll move to Australia. Or just bury myself at the bottom of a jumbo bag of Cheez Doodles, with a pint of Ben and Jerry's in the other hand.

Le sigh.

/whinging, ranting, raving, yelling, screaming, crying

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Pink Safari: Before and Almost After...

Kiddo's room as it looked the day we made the offer on the house:

Kiddo's room as of last Thursday, when we began stripping the Wallpaper From Hell:

Kiddo's room as of last Saturday:

Kiddo's room as of this afternoon, two coats of primer, one coat of ceiling paint, two coats of Kiddo-selected pink paint and three coats of bright white trim later:

Yet to be done: moving all Kiddo's stuff in and unpacking it, painting the louvered doors for the closet bright white and reinstalling them, finishing the trim on the windows (only have the sills done thus far), purchasing and installing new shades, hanging curtains, putting up the safari animal photo decals once the paint has cured and purchasing some sort of area rug(s) for the room. (Someday, sometime, we'll refinish the floor, but it's good enough for now.) Then the Pink Safari Bedroom of Kiddo's dreams will be complete, but at least we're most of the way there now. Kiddo will be able to move back in to her room tomorrow, hooray! (I'll just be glad to have her dresser out of the hallway and back in her room, so I no longer have to squeeze past it and reinjure the nasty bruise on my side that's developed by repeatedly slamming into the dresser's pointy corner over the past week!)

Now I just have to convince Hubby that we really do need to go to the Country Curtains store this weekend... he's about as excited at the prospect of doing that as I would be by the prospect of scrubbing out the kitty litter pan with my toothbrush...

Phriday Photo Phun - Phabulous Photographer Phriends

My brain is liberally coated in pink paint this week, as are the walls of Kiddo's bedroom. (One more coat to go up - today! - and then the painting in there is done and we're more than 75% of the way to achieving Kiddo's dream bedroom theme: The Pink Safari. The safari animal photo decals Hubby ordered for her room will have to wait a few weeks until the paint has sufficiently cured before Kiddo can stick them up...) While rose-colored glasses might be a great thing, too many coats of primer, trim and pink paint make one's brain woozy and unable to render a decent photograph. So, I am going to take this opportunity to share some older photographs that are just spectacular with you now, instead.

Like these:




Aren't they amazing? No, I'm not tooting my own horn here, as I am not the talented photographer who took the above shots. That woman would be my former high school chemistry teacher, Susan M. Neider. I recently reconnected with Sue (hmmm, feels a bit funny to call her anything other than "Miss Neider" even after all these years!) thanks to the wonders of Facebook and discovered that since leaving the high school chem classroom, she has gone on to take many, many wonderful photographs and has several books of her work published. I've been ooohing and aaahing over the different pictures she's been posting to her Facebook page for weeks now (she's doing an incredible series of flowers at the moment) and I decided that I wanted to share her work with you. (And no, by the way, this isn't some sort of 20+ years too late, making-it-up-to-her-for-being-a-less-than-stellar-chem-student thing, either.) (Not that I was a stellar chem student, mind you, because I wasn't, but that had nothing to do with her talents as a teacher - she was one of my favorites! - and more to do with my little, pea brain's utter inability to distinguish between all those pesky electrons and protons and atomic masses and bonds and such. It was much too busy daydreaming and distinguishing between the nuances of the various Duran Duran and aha songs back then, or mooning over lines of poetry...)

So, I asked Miss Neider Sue if she'd mind lending me some of her photographs for my Phriday Photo Phun, and she graciously obliged and lent me pictures like this:


She also takes really cool close-up shots, like these:


(That's eucalyptus up there. Isn't that cool?)


(See the teeny, tiny bird footprint in the middle? How cool is that?)

She also does stunning black and white photographs, like this one of Old Faithful:


Miss Neider Sue took a black and white picture of me once, too - she did all the "formal" photographs at my junior prom - but I don't think you can use the word "stunning" in the same phrase as "1980s, New Jersey prom fashions" and not be immediately struck by lightning, so I will reserve it for the geyser above and not the geyser that was my bangs in the mid-late 80s. (I think I still might have that picture someplace, but it isn't anywhere I can locate and furthermore, we haven't unpacked the scanner yet anyhow. You'll have to use your imagination and picture the big hair, big make-up, and Gone With the Windesque, pale pink polyester brocade, leg of mutton sleeved dress on your own. Trust me, whatever picture you have in your head right now? Not as bad as my total look was that night...)

I should note that all of the pictures above in this post are copyrighted images and are only being used with the photographer's permission. However, if you want some of them for yourself, you can just click here for a list of all Sue's books currently available on Amazon, where the pictures in this post can be found, along with many others. (They also might be available at your local library; her titles came up in a quick search I just did of ours...)

While I'm on the subject of Phabulous Photographer Phriends, I would also like to direct your attention to this blog right here. This is my friend Donny's blog. Donny is currently at the Naval Academy and will be serving in the Navy when he graduates. He also is a very talented musician, generous and kind soul and all around good guy. (And I'm not just saying this because I had a delightful lunch with his mom yesterday, either. Or because his younger brother was th owner of one of the strong backs and pair of willing arms who helped us move all our stuff out of our old house and into the new one back in May. Or because I sang in the choir with his mom and dad.) Now, Donny's busy doing Naval Academy type things right now (he's teaching sailing to the plebes) (doesn't that sound all cool? I don't think I can quite pull it off, but I got that as a direct quote from his Facebook status, so it's legit whether or not I can pull it off successfully) (and besides, my dad was in the Navy on an aircraft carrier himself back in the day, so I guess that gives me the familial coolness needed to say "plebes" though I would've mispronounced it had I not heard his mom say it out loud yesterday...)(not that you'd be able to tell I was mispronouncing it from reading it anyhow, right?) Annnnnnyhow, one of Donny's many talents is photography, and he started this blog for his pictures. While he doesn't update it often enough for my personal taste (something about, y'know, doing Navy things and teaching plebes and serving his country and such), you guys have likely not seen any of his pictures yet, so they'll all be new to you. Doesn't he have a great eye? My favorite of all the photos on his blog is the one of the elephant from the San Diego Zoo post - I would totally frame that and hang it on my wall, loving elephants the way I do. The other animal shots, like the gator and the camel, are great too - I love how he captures the personality of the animals - or is that animality? Well, you know what I mean. Told you my brain is fried after this past week of major home wall renovations. Oh, and for the record? I really, really hate wallpaper.

Okay, I shall leave you with one last picture. This one is one I actually took, even, back when my brain was only marinating in one layer of primer and several gallons of wallpaper removal solution. An action shot of Kiddo when she was out "scootering" in the neighborhood earlier this week:

She was doing one of her self-styled "Famous Tricks" at the time, and somehow miraculously still didn't end up with bloody knees or palms. Whew. That was my favorite part of the trick!

Okay, back to painting the Pink Safari I go! TGIF and for more Phriday Photo Phun, be sure to swing by Candid Carrie's!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Up a ladder without a paddle...

... but with a paint brush and a couple gallons o' semigloss white trim paint! We're getting very close to the final step of painting Kiddo's room: rolling out the pink paint! (Hopefully by tonight if this second coat of trim dries quickly enough!)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Musings: Think you're a movie buff?

I consider myself to be quite a movie buff. Granted, I don't see as many movies in the theaters now as I did back in the pre-Kiddo days (and those that I do see tend to run more towards Up - a fantabulous, amazing movie BTW - than There Will Be Blood) but still, I still love the movies - almost any genre, in any language, from any era. (The poster above, incidentally, used to adorn my bedroom wall, and in college I had black and white movie stills decorating my dorm room.)

So, I was intrigued when a friend (hey, Xanny!) posted a link on her Facebook page to a list of the All Time Box Office, as adjusted for ticket price inflation. In other words, what movies *really* were the most popular, ever, at least in terms of the bucks they raked in during their theatrical release. I immediately clicked over and began to count. I've seen 23 out of the top 25, myself, and 83 out of the top 100. Not too shabby.

If you want to check it out for yourself, you can find the list here. How many have you seen? Any on there you want to see and just haven't yet? How can only one of the Harry Potter (NINE MORE DAYS WOO-HOO) films make the list, but all three Shreks and all three Spidermans (Spidermen?) be on there? Hmmmm. Anything not on here that you think ought to be? Anything on here you've never even heard of? What movies are in your all-time top ten? Mine are (in no particular order):

Sense and Sensibility
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
The Sting

Cinema Paradiso
Out of Africa
The Muppet Movie
The Princess Bride

Truly, Madly, Deeply

I also love all the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movies, the Monty Python movies (especially Holy Grail and Life of Brian), E.T., Traffic, The Natural, Rounders, Love Actually, Glengarry Glen Ross, L.A. Confidential, Memento, the Pixar movies (did I mention Up? Go see it - but maybe
not with the younger kids) and of course all the 80s movies like The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Ferris Beuller's Day Off.... Okay, I could go on all day, but I won't - your turn!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

We're spending the Fourth indoors, prepping Kiddo's room for painting. Kiddo and I picked up 3 gallons of Princess Pink paint this morning while Hubby was busily patching a squillion and three holes in the drywall (nail holes, not gigantic holes, but holes that needed patching nonetheless). I attempted to help Hubby with the sanding project - all the walls and trim and basically everything except the ceiling and floor in her room need to be sanded before we can paint - but even with glasses and breathing mask on, I was a wreck after less than half an hour of sanding. My eyelids did NOT like it one bit and promptly got all swollen and painful. Yikes. I hung up my sandpaper and resigned, and shall paint my heart out extra-hard to make up for quitting this afternoon's project. *blink blink cough sneeze blink blink*

In the meantime, the sun is shining outside and I hope everyone else is enjoying the holiday, despite the cooler-than-normal temperatures in our area. (Hoping it's sunny and warm wherever you might be!) I'm pondering grilling in honor of the holiday, but leaning towards making pierogies as those are easier and less work than dealing with the grill.

I shall leave you to the rest of your holiday celebrations (well, my fellow Americans, anyhow - the rest of you I shall leave merely to your weekends!) with the musical work of that awesome group of patriots, The Muppets:

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Where the Wild Things Are

... they're having a ferocious playdate at my house!

If you haven't checked your calendars yet...

Today is July 1st.

That means it is exactly TWO WEEKS until

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

opens at a theater near you! (Well, a theater near you if you are in America, at least - not sure about the international release dates.)

You can bet your sweet bippy I'm going to be parked in a comfy, reclining seat with a big ole bag of popcorn on my lap, gazing in wonder at the most recently filmed scenes of Harry and Co. on the 15th. I am also fairly certain I'll be crying at certain points, after all I did sob rather heavily at certain points in the book...

I'll be going with my BFF, with whom I've seen every other HP movie so far (and every one on its opening day except for Chamber of Secrets, which opened while Hubby and I were in L.A. for me to tape my big Jeopardy! appearance, so he and I saw it opening day out there and then I saw it with her again when we got home) and with whom I waited up until midnight at Barnes & Noble back when Deathly Hallows came out.......

Oh yeah, I'm way, way excited. Aren't you?