Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

We're spending the Fourth indoors, prepping Kiddo's room for painting. Kiddo and I picked up 3 gallons of Princess Pink paint this morning while Hubby was busily patching a squillion and three holes in the drywall (nail holes, not gigantic holes, but holes that needed patching nonetheless). I attempted to help Hubby with the sanding project - all the walls and trim and basically everything except the ceiling and floor in her room need to be sanded before we can paint - but even with glasses and breathing mask on, I was a wreck after less than half an hour of sanding. My eyelids did NOT like it one bit and promptly got all swollen and painful. Yikes. I hung up my sandpaper and resigned, and shall paint my heart out extra-hard to make up for quitting this afternoon's project. *blink blink cough sneeze blink blink*

In the meantime, the sun is shining outside and I hope everyone else is enjoying the holiday, despite the cooler-than-normal temperatures in our area. (Hoping it's sunny and warm wherever you might be!) I'm pondering grilling in honor of the holiday, but leaning towards making pierogies as those are easier and less work than dealing with the grill.

I shall leave you to the rest of your holiday celebrations (well, my fellow Americans, anyhow - the rest of you I shall leave merely to your weekends!) with the musical work of that awesome group of patriots, The Muppets:


Creative Junkie said...

OK - have I mentioned how much I love the muppets? And the two old guys at the end?

That brought back tons of memories!

Hope you had a great fourth, Heather!

Fifi Flowers said...

Hope you had a FAB Fourth of July!