Sunday, November 16, 2008


We've got good news and bad news:

Good news: Kiddo hasn't thrown up since covering me with the vomit sweater (tm Hot Tub Lizzy) at the doctor's yesterday.

Bad news: She was still running a decently high fever throughout the night (hovering near the 104 range).

Good news: Her fever was down to 100 when she woke up this morning, after sleeping for FIFTEEN HOURS straight. (She fell asleep on the couch while Hubby was making her some toast last night and he put her in bed and that was all she wrote. Well, besides the waking her up for sips of Gatorade, temp checks and Motrin dosing. And once for a potty run and once because the cool, damp washcloth we'd given her was no longer cool or damp.)

Bad news: Hubby and I were up and down with her all night long, so we're both wiped while she's feeling much more energetic this morning.

Good news: Kiddo does NOT appear to have the norovirus that is going around; we're keeping her on the BRAT diet for now but there's been no further stomach upset or exploding from either end.

Bad news: A couple of hours after we got home from the doctor, *I* began throwing up. Yep, it appears that Kiddo may've escaped, but that I have the norovirus that is going around. I've spent a bit of time on the bathroom floor, wishing I could just pass out already. Add that to the Kiddo middle-of-the-night needs, and I'm doubly zombie-ish. I even tried blogsurfing in my haze last night and started leaving nonsensical comments in various places. I've been trying to make the rounds this morning to undo my blatherings.

Good news: Um, I haven't needed proximity to the toilet in almost 45 minutes.

Bad news: I just attempted some saltines with ginger ale and I think I may be needing that proximity again shortly.

Good news: There was a BH90210 marathon on Soapnet that I watched intermittently for a few hours earlier today, and now Ocean's Thirteen is on. That's a lot of eye candy, that Ocean's Thirteen, which is about the closest thing to food my system can take right now.

Anyhow, I'm a miserable, pathetic, disgusting, exploding mass of humanity at the moment, and I'm taking myself back to bed. Hoping that no one else is suffering from the same evil norovirus that I've been tangoing with for the past 20 hours..............


Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Can't you just have what kiddo has? Why do you have the norovirus? What IS the norovirus? It sounds deadly. (And I do like your tweet earlier: "it BLOWS" - HA HA!!) Sorry I shouldn't be laughing. You're sick. I'm a bad person.

WheresMyAngels said...

Ok, I didn't mean for the "Leave George Clooney Alone" curse to hit your daughter, it was just meant for you. I'll have to be more careful with my super powers, but it will sure teach you not to mess with me.

Hope you all feel better. It is so weird how my daughter was yesterday, the one puke, being extremely tired and passing out. But all okay after she drank a sugar drink. Course I am jumping to conclusions and thinking of diabetes. You didn't misfire a curse also, did ya?

Ronnica said...

Oh, I laughed at Wheresmyangels comment. Haha!

I hope you and Kiddo are both feeling better!

Ronnica said...

Oh, and Ocean's 13 does have some nice eye candy. And it's hilarious. I love me some Ocean's.