Friday, November 28, 2008

Heaven on a plate

This? Is heaven on a plate: the Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich on a fresh bakery roll. (That'd be turkey breast, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy, all warmed, then topped off with some cranberry sauce.) Finish off the meal with a slice of whipped-cream topped, chocolate pecan pie and the perfection is complete. It is somewhat messy perfection (a spoon was ultimately required as I overloaded my roll and had what Hubby called "Lunch Fail" as I lifted the deliciousness to my mouth for the first bite) but perfection nonetheless!

In other news, I ordered our holiday cards and they'll be ready to pick up in a couple of hours, so this year I am determined to have them all mailed by December 1st. (This is my usual goal, but that modifies into "before my birthday" which then further is revised into "before Christmas" as things get increasingly hectic.) I'm going to be on top of things this year, oh yes indeed! (Oh, if anyone out there in the blogosphere is dying to receive a Smith family holiday card, email me your address and I'll add ya to the list! True, it's no autographed George Clooney picture, but it is Kiddo in her Christmas dress posing with the Jolly, Old Man in Red...) There are some things that I can't do way ahead of time, like all the baking and candy-making Kiddo and I do for presents each year, but other than that, I will not be a Last Minute Annie (as my mother nicknamed me when I was a kid) who is panicking and overwhelmed by the to-do list come December 21st or 22nd... Nope, I'm going to be on top of things and have a relaxed, un-panicky Advent season. *deep breath* Here I go!


Crazy Sister said...

If you're ever going to be George Clooney's personal assistant, you have to be able to manage a bit of mailing.

Hey Heather - I finally managed to add you to my blogroll! I discovered how to do the shortcut thingy ALL BY MYSELF and my stinky computer let me do it, too.

Maybe I could be the personal assistant of the cute doctor on Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

(The guys I drool over are always a bit obscure.)

Jennifer said...

We've been having some similar plates of food around here--I wish it would never end!

We might try to attempt our Christmas card pic tomorrow--but it's such an ordeal I have to start mentally preparing today!