Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Life in our house...

Life in our house with the constantly talking Kiddo is quite often a really bizarre cross between living in an episode of the Chris Farley Show and living with a 24-7 play-by-play/color commentary team - a highly excited, overly descriptive team. (For you Simpsons fans, I mean a play-by-play team like the Spanish announcers in that soccer game riot episode from several years back - I tried to find it online for a point of reference but alas, it didn't turn up.) Kiddo is constantly reminiscing about things that happened entire moments ago, reliving them and reminding us about what transpired, even though (a) we were all there and (b) it just happened. It can be really hilarious but also really, really annoying, especially when she does it repeatedly in a short period of time.

An example, taken from a family dinner with all three of us gathered around the table:

Kiddo: "Hey, Daddy, remember when I was reaching for my glass of milk? And you said 'Watch out or you'll spill the milk, buster' to me? And then I almost spilled it but Mommy said 'Whoa Nelly!' and grabbed it? That was a close one, huh?"

(This all being said as my hand is still retracting from righting the tipping glass...)

Hubby: "Yes, Kiddo, I remember."

Kiddo: "Yeah, you called me BUSTER. That was so FUNNY!"

Hubby: *unintelligible grunting noise along with the tiniest of eye rolls in my direction*

Kiddo: "Hey Mommy, you know what? I almost spilled my milk and then Daddy called me BUSTER. Isn't that funny? That's so funny!"

Mommy: "Yeah, I know, I was there, sweetie."

Kiddo: "I almost spilled my milk and Daddy called me Buster and then YOU said 'Whoa Nelly!' *shakes head in nostalgic, reminiscing overload* That was a close one...."

It's kind of a "you had to be there" sort of thing, I'm realizing as I type it out. Anyhow, like I said, it is a weird mix of hilarity (when it veers more towards the Chris Farley end of things) and really, really annoying.

Anyone else live with their own mutant, morphed manifestation of Chris Farley and Howard Cosell, or is it just our own five year (whoops - almost five and a half) old?


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Yes... i have two of those... over and over... the past, present and future.... over and over

Anonymous said...

OMG I totally loved this bit Chris Farley did. Did you see the one where he had on Paul McCartney?

"Remember that time you were with the Beatles and you wrote that one song?"


"That was great."

Anyway, we're smack dab in the midst of "Mommy, wook! Wat dat?" repeated several thousand times, so I feel you, sister!

Daniel Craig, take me away (for at least nine or ten hours)!

Debbie said...

My sweet daughter is 17 and still repeats anything that strikes her as funny; over and over and over...

Paige said...

oh yeah--my Dad. It goes like this

DAD: blah blah blah blah for an hour

ME: Dad you just told me this. And I was there

DAD: Yeah but blah blah blah blah

ME: I know, cuz you just told me

DAD: blah blah blah blah

ME: bangs head and acquires a drinking problem

Honey Mommy said...

SO funny!

My two year old is quite a chatterbox already! Sometimes we have to tell him that mommy and daddy would like a "quiet minute" so that we don't go crazy!