Thursday, July 17, 2008

A concert event!

Last night, Hubby was perusing our town's website (he's part of the Chamber of Commerce, so I guess that gives him reason to be so perusing...) and came across a listing for an upcoming concert. He hadn't heard of the artist featured in this concert but was intrigued after seeing the poster on the town's website, so he did a quick Google search. He then called me in to the room so he could read me a few choice selections from the artist's official biography...

At the time that rock was reaching its crescendo, and in the era when Country was dazzling the nation, a strange phenomenon was taking place. In essence, this phenomenon was the rising popularity of JIMMY STURR as the hottest musical attraction in the polka field.

The reigning king of the field is a good looking, smiling charmer with brown hair, blues eyes and charismatic rays emanating from his presence. Sturr is the fellow in front of the orchestra.

If that isn't enough, check out Jimmy Sturr (I'm sorry - JIMMY STURR)'s photo:

Now this guy is no fly-by-night one hit wonder, either. According to his website, this "fellow"
has won seventeen Grammy Awards and has received more consecutive Grammy nominations that anyone in the history of musical awards

Needless to say, weather permitting, the kiddo and I will be loading up our lawn chairs and heading to the concert this weekend. (Hubby is so sad that he won't be able to join us, but he has a church golf outing.) I'll give you the concert review on Monday - unless the kiddo and I are so overcome by the charismatic rays emanating from his presence that we've become official JIMMY STURR groupies, in which case we'll be following his tour bus in our minivan............

(Seriously, we are totally going to go to the concert. Also seriously, has anyone ever heard of this dude? He's got more Grammys than my favorite three artists put together, for Pete's sake!)


Trash said...

OMG I would so join you if we lived closer. Of course, Max is known to shout "Stop the bad singing!" from the bleachers, so maybe I wouldn't join you... You will take pictures, yes?


Heather said...

Dude, pictures? I think I'm gonna bring our fancy-shmancy new digital video camera!! :D If I do, you know I'll send you the link to the footage.

It would totally rock if you guys lived close enough to come with us. I'm guessing that it will be approximately 150 oldsters (median age 73), the kiddo and me. Par-TAY! Oh, and I can guarantee you there will be dancing, at least by the Smith Chicks! :D

Anonymous said...

You had me at "Hot pink suit coat"...

PS. not really!