Saturday, December 13, 2008

The best reason to look forward to an impending birthday

Yes, it's true, I'm turning another year older officially tomorrow. I am not minding this fact too terribly, though, because this:

is waiting in the fridge downstairs for my birthday celebration.

This carrot cake is the most delicious carrot cake, ever. EVER. It's funny though, that they seem to think this is an adequate serving size:

I mean, that whole picture looks like about one slice to me, dontcha think? (Fortunately, the cake we bought is NOT pre-sliced into measly, little slivers like that! It also has roses instead of the itty-bitty carrots on top.)

Now, you might just be drooling over how amazing the cake looks. You might be wishing you could join Hubby, Kiddo and me here at Chez Smith for birthday cake consumption tomorrow, and be heartbroken that this cake shall only be devoured by me and my kin. Do not despair! Cheesy Eddie's has an online store and will ship their carrot cake deliciousness to your door! (Um, if you live in the US anyhow...) Oh, they also make amazing cheesecakes, if that is more your speed, and no, I'm not reaping any benefits from Cheesy Eddie's for plugging them here on my blog (I wish!). I just feel honor-bound to spread the word about the best carrot cake, ever!


Anonymous said...

Happy B-day to you!
Happy B-day to you!

Sose wants a piece of your cake! She loves Cheesy Eddies. I haven't had any of their cakes yet, believe it or not!

Shelley said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow. May God bless you with many more.

Carrie said...

All I have to say is yummmmmmmmmm...

Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday tomorrow!

lilies said...

Happy Birthday!

Post a picture of the cake you have WITH the roses!

I am dying to find out the color of them...(pink, blue, orange?)

I love carrot cake but I can't seem to pass up chocolate cake. Eeek!

WheresMyAngels said...

Oh Girl, send me some of that my way.

My favorite cake in that lemon cake at Olive Garden. I always wonder how much a whole one is.