Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Word Nerd and the Bulbous Bouffant

I am a major word nerd. Seriously. I love words. I'm fascinated by their etymology and meaning. I especially love when a word is onomatopoetic or just has a good sound to it. (I love the way people speak, too - accents and such. I just love words in any form!)

This is why, I think, I've been so utterly tickled and charmed by this clip. A high school friend of mine sent it to me this morning. I don't know if he recalled from 20-plus years ago that I am a word nerd or if it was just something I'd written on my Facebook page made him think of this clip, but I thank him for it. (Thanks, Christian!) I've watched it several times today, and like it more each time. Hubby thinks it is amusing but isn't as drawn in to it - just now as he left the room, he called it "a bit absurd" (though he did watch it again over my shoulder.) I googled the group, as I'd never heard of them, and have learned that they (The Vestibules) have been around since the late 80s. I'm a little sad I didn't know of them earlier but happy to have discovered them now.

And with that intro, please enjoy the Word Nerd Hilarity that is Bulbous Bouffant:


kwr221 said...

Okay, yes, I'm sitting here giggling. :-)

....when I should be doing more laundry.


They sound Canadian, eh?

Anonymous said...

Um, these are folks who I would absolutely hate to be stuck on a bus with!

szarek4 said...

Oh Heather, this is so funny! My husband found this a few years ago and would sit watching this with Deborah guffawing away. Anyways, we knew we were in trouble when Deborah started singing the tune of Frere Jacques (I have no idea of the spelling of that) with the words of Bulbous Bouffant Bulbous Bouffant. I can't remember how she fit all the words together but I do remember laughing hilariously at the song she made up.

Carrie said...

Onamotpoea...I love that word.

Carrie said...

How did I misspell that?


Probably the same reason I never won the spelling bees when I was a kid. I was cocky and was like, "Duh, heart. H-A-R-T. Heart. Could you give me a harder word next time, thankyouverymuch?" haha