Friday, September 19, 2008

When worlds collide part deux

Yes, I'm back - still here and not, as Hubby put it on the phone when I called him post-lunch, brimming with excitement, "chopped up in a million pieces in the back of some weirdo's trunk." Hee! Kristin was just as wonderful as I knew she'd be from stalking - erm, I mean loyally following - her blog and haunting her Facebook page as well. She was gracious, friendly, fun, as talkative and outgoing as I am, and also told me exactly how it is that all those big boats we see cruising up and down the canal manage to get onto the canal - I'd always wondered and now I know! Woo! Plus, she enjoyed the same kinda lunch I do, that being a cheeseburger and fries, though I opted for a cherry Pepsi and its caffeine over the milkshake, which, while delicious, wouldn't quite have given me the same caffeine boost. (Also, I would've wanted an Oreo shake, and I don't do Oreo shakes in public, because one of my things is how I never eat Oreos in public since I always, always manage to get little, black specks stuck between ALL my teeth. I didn't want to scare Kristin off before she'd even gotten to know me, after all, not to mention I don't like asking people "Do I have something stuck in my teeth?" at a first meeting!)

Anyhow, Kristin had her camera and some kindly gents who were walking through the parking lot post-lunch offered to take a picture of us both, along with a bunch (literally!) of humongous balloons that her daughter (who has the same name as my kiddo) brought home from an event last night. Kiddo is presently enjoying them in her room, which is how I have a moment to sit at the computer at this time of day...

So, yay to meeting bloggy buddies IRL and having them be wonderful and not Creepy Dudes who live in their mother's basement, and yay yay yay for new friends!


Anonymous said...

Hey, where are my balloons?!!!

I miss all the good stuff!

You guys just don't think I am cool enough, waaaa.

Veggie Mom said...

I've always wondered what it would be like to meet one of my Bloggy Friends. Now I know!