Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Shaking off the funk

As you know if you read my last post, I'm not having a very good week. Today didn't dawn much better - oversleeping after a bad night's rest, a grumpy kid who pitched a fit over Mean Mommy making her drink her milk (MILK! For breakfast! Can you imagine? The horror!), the cat gacking hairballs up on the carpet in hard-to-see-but-easy-to-step-on-with-bare-feet places, then my bare feet, already insulted by cat barf-covered hairballs, being further injured by attempting to navigate the length of Kiddo's room, which is a veritable minefield of dinosaurs and safari animals chock full of pointy, sharp bits en route to feeding the Carny Goldfish Assassin Wannabe... Yeah, by 7:30 it really wasn't shaping up to be a good day. I managed to get the kiddo off to the bus stop with breakfast (however reluctantly) consumed, face washed, teeth and hair brushed and then I came back to the house (already appreciating the silence - no more tears upon her leaving) intending to curl up at the computer for a bit with a cinnamon roll and some hot chocolate (breakfast of champions!) until it is time to head over to school to do Kiddo's sensory diet. computer decides to stop working. Just temporarily, it isn't actually broken, just everything stopped responding and froze right the heck up. ARGH!

That was enough to plunge my mood from "cranky" to "foul" and that just won't do!! I must shake off this funk - I hate stomping about in a bad mood (especially when the carpet is riddled with hairballs and pointy-edged, plastic critters). So, instead of heaving my computer through the window (think if I did that, Hubby would buy me a new one? Probably not, besides, I have approximately one gazillion photos on the hard drive I'd need to move over before it went flying...) I restarted and headed over to Youtube for a little help from one of my favorite comedic geniuses, the fantabulous Eddie Izzard. In case you are unfamiliar with him, let me share with you how he feels my pain on the whole computer thing:

(Warning: there is language in this clip that is well outside of this blog's typically PG/PG-13 bounds. There are F bombs aplenty. If you have delicate ears and/or children in the vicinity, do not click play.)

I feel better now. Okay, it was watching that plus eating a handful of Swedish fish that were calling to me from their bag next to my computer, but I'm gonna go with it - whatever works, right? At least I'm smiling, red-stained teeth notwithstanding. (Note to self: brush teeth again before heading over to school.)


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Littlest Pet Shop animals hurt to step on too.

I hope your day turns around and this mornings troubles are but a faint memory by noon.

Aubrey said...

Sorry about the funk! Gotta hate it when days start out like that.

The only way it could get worse is IF you forgot to brush your red, swedish fish teeth before heading out! LOL

Pennies In My Pocket said...

MILK? How could you? Didn't you know all the nice moms serve koolaid in the morning??? Sheesh!

I'm so bummed because for some lame reason my computer won't play the video...I'm so with you on wanting to throw your computer out the you, I have 16 months worth of photos of my child that I STILL HAVEN'T DEVELOPED! I am SOOO bad. Yeah, she's 16 months old and her mom sucks because she doesn't have hard copies. If there's a 'bad mom' blog award out there, please forget me and don't award it to me, k?

Hope the funk goes away soooon!