Saturday, September 13, 2008

To our neighbor at the corner

(and with apologies to fellow New Jersey native William Carlos Williams)

This is just to say
that I am sorry I blew
those dandelions across your lawn

It is just that they
were so tempting,
six silver spheres swaying on slender stems

could I resist?

They called to me each day for a week, dancing
atop their slim stalks in the sun
pleading to be strewn, set free

And so I did
tromp across your
(meticulously groomed but for their presence) grass
one after the other
sending them scattering with a wish and a breath

Forgive me for spreading those seeds of the sunniest of weeds
across your emerald expanse
(Though it isn't as though I stomped on your spirea or plundered your pachysandra)

Truth be told, I am far more sorry
to have been surprised, mid-blow, too far off the sidewalk to pretend innocence
by your garage door opening, heralding your early return home
than by the crime itself

Now, I wonder, when you pass by as I wait
for the school bus on the corner
in front of your house
will you still wave?


HappyHourSue said...

Ha! I was thinking about that the other day: how in childhood the blowing of dandelions is magical and sweet, but once you're in Homeowner-Land they're like kryptonite.

cynthiaa said...

over from SITS!!!

adorable poem. love dandelions and blowing them. how could you resist!!!

Megryansmom said...

Hi, here from SITS. Ahhh to have the pleasure of summer again. Dandelions or not, it's a far better time for me than 19 degrees!

Tracy P. said...

Well said! Busted! Have fun today. ;-)

Heather said...

Great Post as usual!

Anonymous said...

Great poem, I love it! I too have trouble resisting temptation ;) they wave? Found you on SITS.

jewelstreet said...

Oh, I love blowing dandelions. Yeah, do they still wave or pretend not to see you?

Anna Lefler said...

Dandelions are made for blowin'! That's just how it is!

Neighbors are made Maybe that's just my 'hood.

Wonderful post, as always...

:^) Anna

litanyofbritt said...

uh- that's what dandelions are for!! they can't be pissed! unless they were saving them to ripen to perfect blowingness to blow themselves, in which case, you owe them new dandelions! but a pinwheel would probably do

Amanda K said...

I love that you were busted!! That totally sounds like something I would do!! hee hee hee!

april kennedy said...

BUSTED....but it sounded totally worth it...I mean...with all the temptation!

Kathleen said...

I'm here from SITS, and I loved your version of one of my favorite poems. I had even blogged that poem once

Mom To Six said...

Heh!! I loved your poem!