Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weathery wonderings

Am I the only parent out there who agonizes over how to dress my child for school each day? I'm not talking in terms of fashion trends or what-have-you, I mean in terms of weather. Every single night, I check the weather forecast - usually in two or three different places, as they can differ, and then lay out an outfit for Kiddo to wear the next day. Then, in the morning I'm back to checking the weather all over again, and I agonize some more, oftentimes changing part of what I'd set out the night before.

Part of my trouble with dressing her appropriately for the weather is that the weather here can vary greatly within the course of a single day, especially in the fall and spring. It will be downright chilly in the mornings and then 15 or 20 degrees warmer by midafternoon. It wasn't quite as hard when Kiddo was just in half-day preschool; I'd dress her for the morning temps and then she could change when she got home if it was significantly warmer. But now, I have to consider the whole day. While it is frosty in the mornings (seriously, we had frost last week) and we're shivering at the bus stop, it turns summerlike in a matter of hours and she's sweaty when she hops off the bus at the end of the day.

I also fret over what temperature range equals what length of sleeve/pant leg. I'm usually on the cold side, personally, so I can be comfortable in jeans/pants and a short-sleeved shirt well into the 70s. (For those of you from abroad who are accustomed to the Celsius scale, I'm talking about the mid-20s, according to the handy-dandy temperature converter I just consulted.) Kiddo runs hotter than I do, in general, and is so crazy active all the time that she will get even hotter, so I have to take that into account.

Generally, my mental guidelines for dressing Kiddo go something like this:

80 and above: shorts, short sleeve shirts (tank tops if above 85), sundresses
70s: capri pants, short sleeve shirts
60s: pants/jeans, short sleeve shirts or long sleeve shirts (depends on upper or lower range)
40s and 50s: pants/jeans, long sleeve shirts
below 40: pants/jeans, sweaters, turtlenecks, long sleeve shirts, also an undershirt. Warmer tights if dresses or skirts.

Now, all of Kiddo's skirts are knee-length, and generally I go no tights for 60 and above, tights of according thickness if below 60. We don't do knee socks (I hated them as a child and they never. stayed. UP.) so she wears ankle-length crew socks or bobby socks. She has some longer dresses but nothing further than mid-calf (tea length), so the same sock v tights rule applies.

For outerwear, if it is 60 or below, Kiddo gets a jacket. We've got jackets ranging from lightweight to arctic, as you might expect. Also, living where we do, there are snowpants, hats, mittens and scarves to consider, as well as snow boots...

Even with all these guidelines I keep in my head, I still feel daily angst over her clothing. I guess this will continue to happen until she's old enough that Mommy doesn't get regular input into her attire (though I plan to exercise my Veto Power as long as she lives under my roof...). What do you all do in terms of dressing and the weather? Anyone else in a similar temperature zone, with the big differences between first thing in the morning and mid-later afternoon?


My name is Andy. said...

2 bits of advice:


2) leave a change of clothes at the school so she can switch if she needs to.

Teresa said...

Andy leaves great pearls of wisdom, to which I can add nothing but my agreement.

Crazy Sister said...

I agonise, come to a clever solution (usually layers), then the 4 year old dresses himself wildly inappropriately for the weather and refuses to change.

Sweating or shivering, he still comes home happy! If people comment, I wail, "It's not my fault!"

Thanks for telling me about my blog template ages ago. Someone else finally told me what the problem was, and I'm trying to find something new. Thanks to you!

Anonymous said...

I check the weather as well and then just take a guess.

D is wearing sweaters to school in the morning, which have been stuffed into her backpack at the end of the day.

For shirts, we are sticking to short sleeves or light long sleeves at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Seriously...frost already?? YIKES! LOL

I used to be that way, then my boys got older and well, if they are crazy enough to NOT choose to wear a jacket in the mornings, then that is their problem, LOL Although I am a freak about shorts, I get so ticked if I see kids in December & January wearing shorts, come on, don't be stupid, you know? LOL But we do live in Florida, so what do you expect? LOL