Saturday, August 23, 2008

Check out this giveaway!

The ever-fantabulous SITS gals have pointed me over to a great giveaway here. Kiki & Lele Handcrafted Jewelry shop is full of adorable things - some of them even are personalized! You really ought to check it out! I've already entered because that Say What You Mean Cuff bracelet must be mine, but I was the very first commenter on the post for the giveaway and when does number one ever win? I mean, yes, number one usually means the winner, but somehow not when it comes to blog post comments for giveaway contests... Anyhow, the shop has lots of cute stuff and I plan to direct various family and friends' attention that way come mid December, which is when Heather's Big Gift-Receiving Time of the Year begins. (Yes, my birthday, Christmas and wedding anniversary are all within a 4 week period.)


quitecontrary1977 said...

going to check it out asap.. you should come by my current giveaway! fun fun fun!

Kiki and Lele said...

You are so great and thoughtful. Thanks for the support! You ROCK!

Kiki & Lele