Thursday, August 14, 2008

Brain going in a million different directions...

First of all, I just got tagged by my bloggy pal Carrie to tell you six random things about me. Considering I'm not too far past doing my 100 things for my 100th post post, I'm feeling a bit dry in the random things dept. BUT I will live up to the challenge..... I just need a bit of time to think about it first. (Um, I also have to get moving so I can pick Kiddo up from farm school.)

I promise I'll do the meme before the end of today though!

In other news, my brain just won't slow down. It is juggling entirely too many balls at the moment and I'm afraid they're all going to drop. I'm starting to stress out about the whole job situation. So far, no one wants to hire me part time and while it is flattering that folks would want to pay me to be around full time, I can't do that now. ARGH! All of a sudden it feels like the clock is ticking down here and I still haven't lined anything decent up yet.

Speaking of clock ticking down, it is exactly three weeks until the kiddo starts kindergarten. There was a bit of an issue (okay, it wasn't "a bit" but actually a rather sizable mess of red tape annoyance) with her IEP, but I wound up gluing the phone to my ear and meeting with a few folks in person yesterday and now have everything set, I hope, for the fall. An extra shout-out to K. the Amazing OT for all her help with creating and writing up the kiddo's sensory diet for the fall. Also to A., the kiddo's summer teacher who has been a great advocate and given excellent, timely assistance with all things elementary school-related (she teaches at Kiddo's elementary school for her regular job, and just does farm school for the summer).

Related to school, I am trying to figure out what backpack to get for Kiddo - she loves the wheeled kind but I'm wanting something sturdy and lasting, so I'm thinking of my beloved Land's End (free shipping through today) but the wheeled ones are ridiculously expensive. I've got to get it figured out by the end of the day so I can get the order in....... If anyone has brilliant backpack (oh and lunch bag/box) advice, I'm all ears, please share!

I've also got to start buying all her back-to-school required supplies, and clothes for the fall, oh and did I mention we're going to Disney World in less than two weeks?

The good news is I found a dollar under the front seat of my car this morning. That means just $9,999 to go 'til I can dine with George Clooney!


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I got Gert a back=pack from Land's End - it's the Ergo one. She loves it.

Check with your school though - some schools ban backpacks with wheels... just fyi!

~Trish~ said...

LOL wow, you were all over on that post!! Poor thing!! Slow down...grab your favorite drink of choice...sit down...and just relax. Everything is going to happen whether you like it or not so just be prepared the best you can and it will all work out right????

trashalou said...

Thanks so much for stopping by Trash Towers today. It was lovely to meet you.