Thursday, May 14, 2009

We're in...

Hey gang! Quick update to let you know we're in the new (old!) house! Both closings went smoothly, all systems are go - the Time Warner dude was supposed to arrive between 4 and 7 and walked up the driveway at 4:15, a miracle! - so we have power, cable, phone and internet (albeit Hubby's laptop on a shelf in the kitchen - not too conducive to blogsurfing as of yet).

The bad news is I took a spectacular, flying leap off the top of the stairs and landed with a resounding thud. Okay, fine, I fell backwards from the top step (thank heavens we're in a split level so the top step is only five steps up!) when we were carrying out the area rug from the one bedroom, but still, I *did* land with a resounding thud, right on my left knee, shoulder and elbow. Yee-OUCH. I haven't looked at the damage yet but I can tell it is swollen. Hubby hurt his one wrist yesterday while moving stuff around and as he did way more lifting and carrying than I did (along with the assistance of the two college boys from our old church we lined up to help with the move) so I am guessing we are going to be moving verrrrrry slowly come the morning. The price one pays for saving money and not hiring professionals to do all this stuff, eh?

Kiddo is mucho excited about the new house, her new room (soon to be painted a shade of pink she has selected) and the new yard, but mostly the new next-door neighbor's dog (which looks to be a giant schnauzer from the glimpses we've had through the hedgerow). Crazy Cat is decidedly NOT happy about the move thus far. She had only ever lived in our old house for her entire life, so she is a little WTH?!?! about the entire venture. (Our old cat moved 8 times in 13 years, so for her it was old hat.) We let her out of the carrier right next to her new litter box location in the laundry room and she promptly ensconced herself behind the dryer in the corner, under the vent pipe/tube thingy. She has only ventured out twice, briefly, and Hubby reported that he picked her up and brought her to the top of the stairs while I was out collecting Kiddo from her grandparents (she is sick so was out of school today) (I think it is just a minor cold; she has no fever and is going back tomorrow, but I'd be lying if I said "swine flu" didn't cross my mind when she first became symptomatic yesterday) (not that we've been anywhere where she could've gotten swine flu, other than school, of course) (not that I wouldn't mind having been on a Mexican beach instead of hauling nasty, 44 year old carpet rolls that are trying to kill me out to the curb), and he said she was being all super freaked out about stepping on the tile floor of the bathroom at the top of the stairs and then raced back down to her spot behind the dryer. I figure she'll come out eventually, perhaps in the morning when she discovers the robins' nest above the light over the patio in back... The fish has thus far survived as well, even with living in a 5 gallon paint bucket for the past 48 hours.

The best news so far is that we have discovered the hardwood floors under the nasty, nasty pink carpeting in the living room and dining room are GORGEOUS. Totally worth the pain and effort of getting rid of the pink plush!!!

So, that's the story from here. Hubby and I watched the season finales of ANTM and Lost last night (flipping over to check on Idol) while sitting on the floor of our living room, as there was no furniture left in the house besides our mattresses upstairs. It was definitely a memorable way to spend the last night, if not the most comfortable. Now we're gonna take a break and watch the season finales of The Office and 30 Rock on the floor of our new family room tonight, then head to bed. Plenty of work to be done yet, but an hour or two off to ice our weary, battered bones won't kill us!

More tomorrow, including pictures if I can get them uploaded (have to find cords and/or figure out where we can temporarily set up my computer until the office is done) but for now, thanks for the good vibes, thoughts and prayers and I'll be back soon! *mwah*


Ronnica said...

That wasn't so painful. (I'm talking to myself...about you being in a blackout.) Falling down the stairs? Yeah, that probably was.

I'm glad the move is going as smoothly as can be expected...can't wait to see before/after pictures of the things as you do them!

Anonymous said...

Hope your knee is ok. I banged my knee on the floor of the kitchen last week!

Hope you guys get all moved in with no further injuries!

Givinya De Elba said...

I'm so glad you're in! I was praying for you all as you were moving :) Sorry bout your knee.

Creative Junkie said...

YAY! You're in! I'm so excited for you guys ... and I'm sorry about your boo boo but it's a small price to pay for rocking hardwoods!