Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Heather = Little Miss Muffet?!

I totally am Little Miss Muffet! Well, except that she was sitting on a tuffet, and I was standing two rungs up on a stepladder, and she was eating a lovely bowl of curds and whey, whereas I was holding a container of primer in one hand and a paint brush in the other, and she just ran off (presumably) when the spider sat alongside her and frightened her away, while I shrieked like Ned Flanders upon seeing the velvet drapes in the Murder House episode and then flung myself backwards off the stepladder and onto the floor. Ass first, so at least there was ample padding.

So, yeah, totally Miss Muffet. Except for those few, small details.

Suicidal spiders (dime sized, black and hairy - FREAKY) plunging into primer aside, I made excellent progress in the family room, which is no small feat. Actually it is many feet - 23 by 15 square feet's worth. After I took Kiddo to school, I busied myself doing trim work that I couldn't do with the roller last night - the baseboards, mantel, doorways and crown molding, which is what I was working on when that dang spider dropped in and scared the bejeebus out of me. Then tonight, while Hubby got Kiddo bathed and to bed, I rolled out the ceiling. It was wicked hot and humid in the family room, even after I was able to open the windows (we had a bit of a torrential downpour earlier on this evening) and thus, I was "glistening" heavily (since we women don't actually sweat now, do we?) by the time I was done.

But I am done. DONE with the primer, DONE with the prepping, and tomorrow there will be GARDEN MOSS green going up on the walls. (Technically, it's on the walls a bit already as Hubby just started cutting in the edges in the office so I can roll it out tomorrow).

Herewith, a photo recap. I pondered the idea of reenacting Heather's Great Fall, but decided against it. I already am thinking I'll have a bruise the size of Antarctica on my rear by the morning - no need to add another continent to the mix!

With apologies to Lionel Richie:
Oh, what a feeling! Rolling paint across the ceiling!
Oh, and now I'm reeling - my arms and neck have lost all feeling!

Am I really *that* happy to be painting the ceiling, or am I just high on paint fumes? You be the judge! (Also - I managed to not get a single drip of paint on/in my face, so keep your comments about standing directly underneath the roller with my mouth open to yourself. Heh.)

Ta-da!!! All ready for Garden Moss! Yes, I *know* I look fantabulous. You're jealous, I'm sorry. We can't all look so flippin' hot - and I *was* hot! - while slaving away at the home renovations. I'm just special. Right? Right. Special.

Now for some carrot cake (and yes, it was from Cheesy Eddie's!) and then back to work. Tomorrow the electrician comes to install ceiling fans in our room and Kiddo's room, and I need to tackle the mountain of boxes and tubs holding all my clothes. They're towering about the room and I just keep rooting through them instead of, you know, unpacking them into the dresser and closet. It is getting a bit tiring running down to the garage in search of the necessary undergarments - have to remember to bring that tub upstairs with me when I go! Also must remember to take a few handfuls of Advil, so I have a fighting chance at raising my arms above my head tomorrow morning.


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

you are SO FREEKIN FUNNY!!!!

Your little ditty there is HYSTERICAL!!!!

feefifoto said...

There's nothing nicer than a freshly painted room. My kids and I recently painted a tiny bathroom, about the size of a phone booth, in our laundry room. We're the only ones who use it but it had gotten so dingy that I just couldn't stand it any more. So we bought a gallon of kind-of seafoam "oops" paint from Home Depot and set to work. Despite a couple of green spots on the otherwise white ceiling, we did a nice job.

Hope Antarctica doesn't cause you too much pain. it was worth it, though, wasn't it, since it gave you something to blog about.

Cristin said...

You look like you're having far too much fun.... I say it's the fumes...

Carrie said...! I can just see you falling off that ladder! Soooooo funny!!!

Givinya De Elba said...

The place is looking awesome! And you are looking wonderfully glisteny!

And I on the other hand SWEAT like a HOG.

Mammatalk said...

Rolling on the ceiling? Too much. Can't wait to see the green paint.

I so very much want to re-paint our home, but figure it's best to let the kids outgrow the stage where they mess everything up and then just start over...yeah maybe with another house.