Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Now she is six

When I was One,

I had just begun.

When I was Two,

I was nearly new.

When I was Three

I was hardly me.

When I was Four,

I was not much more.

When I was Five, I was just alive.

But now I am Six, I'm as clever as clever,

So I think I'll be six now for ever and ever.

~ A. A. Milne

Mommy holding Kiddo at the hospital the night before she went home, June 2003

Mommy and Kiddo at the Lilac Festival parade, May 2009

Happy sixth birthday, Kiddo! You are and will always be my bug of love!!!

(For the story of Kiddo's birth, you can click here...)


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

She is STUNNING!!!!

Welcome to 6 sweetie!!!!!

And happy Momiversary!!!!

My name is Andy. said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you dear DIL!
Happy Birthday to you!


SwizzlestickMama said...

Happy Birthday to Kiddo!

What a cute post! And ditto Hot Tub Lizzy: Happy Momiversary! Hope you have fun celebrating!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday dear kiddo! How wonderful to see her grow and thrive! And how wonderful to see you and Chris as such great parents.

We miss y'all, but do enjoy being part of your lives via the blog

Creative Junkie said...

Six is such a great age!

Happy Birthday, sweetie!

Ronnica said...

She's always been a cute little bug, hasn't she? Happy birthday, Kiddo!

Mammatalk said...

Gorgeous. Happy, happy birthday!

feefifoto said...

What a glorious little lady! Happy birthday to her.

Jane In The Jungle said...

Happy Birthday!!
Great pics!!

Carrie said...

What BEAUTIFUL pictures!

Happy Birthday!!

Teresa said...

Happy Birthday!
I especially appreciated the link to last year's post, with her birth story. Brought tears to my eyes -- tears of joy for you and Kiddo and hubby. What a beautiful family!
see you in a week!

Anonymous said...

I've said it for at least 4 years and I will say it again - Kiddo is one of the most stunning children I have ever been privileged to know.

She is also fun, sweet, smart and adorable. And gets more so every year!

Finally, this post made me cry. The photos! I think I came along about 1-1/2 but I cried and cried over 5 and 6. Gosh! Canshe get more lovely? Bigger? More adorable? And I know the answer is yes, all times.

Happy 6th, sweetie. Bean sends you kisses and fish wishes. And Auntie Coco hugs you hard over the Intertubes.