Tuesday, March 10, 2009

SITS Spring Fling.... Better Late than Never (hey, it's a giveaway)

In the "better late than never" category, I present my post for the SITS Spring Fling. Anyone who happens by my blog on a regular basis knows that I am a huge SITS supporter. SITS is just a fantabulous website. If you don't know about SITS and you are a blogger, go check them out. (Doesn't matter if you're a chick or a dude - there are BITS to go with the SITStas. Holla, Preston!)

Now, every so often, SITS has a blogathon type thing. First, there was Blogathon. Then, SITSmas. Now, it is Spring Fling and it is even better than ever - every single post linked up to the Spring Fling is having some sort of giveaway! They're well over 300 now, and hey, that's a LOT of prizes. SITS is giving away a prize an hour as well, by the way. (Told you they're fantabulous!) More enterprising SITStas and BITS have no doubt been glued to their computers all day, entering the hundreds of giveaways and going fuzzy eyed with delight.

Me? I'm a bit ashamed to admit it, but I've been a slacker SITSta of late. Between Project Get the House On the Market '09 (which, as you may or may not be aware, it is as of yesterday. Hallelujah!) which has now morphed into Project Find a New House that Doesn't Totally Suck and also Project Keep the House Showing-Ready 24-7 and then toss a little Daylight Saving Time Adjustment Issues (which, when multiplied by a factor of Kid with SPD and Mom with PMS and egads, it gets extra-extra ugly!) and well, I just haven't had much time to surf the blogosphere, leave commenty love or anything else. Even my Wordscraper games list is under 10 active games over on Facebook (it usually is a much more robust tally somewhere in the 30s). It's bad, folks, this whole "real life interfering with computer time" thing I've been living. *shudder*

Anyhow, I finally decided about 10 minutes ago that I can't just skip Spring Fling, as had been my original plan once I realized that I had nothing to give away nor the time to hang on the computer checking everyone else out. Again, hanging my head in shame. Everything I could pass along for a prize is most likely here:

along with my long-gone wits and marbles. I was thinking I could bake something for a prize (I am world-famous for my chocolate chip cookies, especially) but most of my baking things, like my beloved, cobalt blue KitchenAid, are also all here:

Dang, I miss my stuff. *sniff*

So, finally it hit me. Something I could give away.... You see, back when SITS had their original Blogathon, the grand prize was an autographed picture of George Clooney. I tried like heck to win it. I failed.

NikkiCrumpet, mom of two of the most adorable dogs on the planet (and some dang adorable kids as well) won my picture of George. You might remember hearing some chest pounding and wails of grief coming from the general vicinity of upstate New York that day....

But then.... a little while later, Nikki, in her infinite wisdom, decided to rehome George. She had a contest to figure out who was most deserving of the autographed picture. And of course, I entered. I didn't just enter, I wrote a song. I wrote a song and posted the lyrics in her comments section for the contest and sorta kinda promised that I would make a video of myself singing the song should I be the winner. I even kinda sorta mentioned that I'd wear a tiara to do the video.

Well, I won. (And there was much rejoicing.)

Thinking back on that glorious event - me finally winning the autographed picture of George Clooney - made me figure out what I could give away now.

Heck to the NO, I'm not giving away George! Even if I wanted to, he's here:

along with my wits, marbles, KitchenAid and everything else, including my other prized autographed possession, my ginormous Harry Connick Jr poster that I had framed after he autographed it for me the year I was a total HCJr groupie and went to a ton of his shows. That poster has been gathering dust in the basement and Hubby tells me the frame is cracked, but I still made him put it in storage instead of tossing it. Hopefully the new house will have a room with a wall on which I can hang my autographed men.

But I digress. As I do.

You are not going to get the George or Harry autographed pictures. Uh-uh. Nope. But what you, the lucky winner of my giveaway, WILL get is......................... a customized song and video of said song performed by me about you and your blog.

Ta da!

If you want a preview of what such an exclusive video could be like, I shall refer you to this, the video of me making an utter fool of myself, wearing a tiara and singing my ode to George Clooney (set to the tune of The Rainbow Connection):

Oh heck, it's gone, gone, gone again....... Drat those limited editions!

What do you have to do to enter? Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Leave me a comment for one entry. For a second entry, either grab my button (over yonder in the sidebar) or follow me on Twitter
and let me know in the comments, 'cause like I said, I am witless and have lost my marbles, so I need reminding. Deadline for this one-of-a-kind contest will be Friday the 13th at midnight, with a winner announced Saturday morning.

Happy Flinging!


sandy said...

You are hilarious!

sandy said...

I'm following you on Twitter!

Queenie Jeannie said...

This is hands down the most original and most fun giveaway today. And I should know....I entered them ALL!! Yes, I'm really that pathetic, lol!!!!!!

Besides, I'm fun and my blog is fun and I have The Bella!!!! Lots of song material gonin' on over here!

Happy Spring Fling!!

Come on over and register for my pearl earring giveaway too, ok?

Krissy said...

Haha!! This is great!

Krissy said...

Following you on Twitter!

[Make sure to check my giveaway as well!]

Sugar On Top Boutique said...

yeah! i need all the press i can get! you rock!

IF you have time to hang out at your computer, check my blog out. you never know, you could be singing about it!!!


Creative Junkie said...


I WANT THIS. (how come they don't have 36 pt. font size in comments???? I need it!!)


I want this more than the George Clooney poster and no, I cannot believe those words just flew out of my mouth through my fingers onto your computer screen, but I don't care. Well, maybe just a little.

And if I don't win, I still want to go to lunch soon.


Jennie said...

This would be great to have on my blog! It would so match my happy mayhemish blog!

Kristen said...

Holy crap! You are crazy...yet I still want the damn video...what is wrong with me?

carma said...

Oh man, I hope I win this !!! Perhaps you could sing about my Alec Baldwin man crush
(see my giveaway :-)

carma said...

I am now following you on Twitter (CarmaSez)

Carebear said...

OMG, I'm cracking up here. The post was funny, but the video, man that put me over the edge! Count me in!

Carebear said...

I'm following you on Twitter! Can't wait to see what you'll say or do next!

Carebear said...

I've grabbed your adorable button too. Forgot to say my username for the twitter follow is cari2under2whew

Cunningham said...

Oh my gosh! Loving this giveaway! The absolutely most creative!!!!!!

Grand Pooba said...

Oh my goodness! Count me it!

Emalee said...

HAHA THIS one is gooD!!

Preston said...

OMG this is the best prize yet. I so want a song for my blog. Pick me please. I am soooo excited!!! LOL

Playfully Smitten said...

Love ur giveaway! I'm following ur blog - please check out my giveaway: a sexy bliss bag!
I'm still trying to figure out twitter - it's on my list of things to conquer!
Love the video!

Tranquility said...

THis is probably the fun-est prize I've come across all day and I love it!

Tranquility said...

I'm following you on twitter!

Alicia @ Oh2122 said...

It's fate. I have the cobalt blue Kitchen Aid too.

If I could, I'd help you unearth yours. Because I get it. Really get it.

Stay strong, SITSer!

Vic said...

haha! this is great. You made me laugh so hard. :) Nice. Good giveaway.

Sam_I_am said...

I laughed so hard. Creative giveaway!

Dee from Downunder said...

What an original giveaway, too funny!

cheers from Oz

Anonymous said...

You're so fun! Great idea!

Eudae-Mamia said...

OMG! As soon as I started reading the George Clooney part, I thought "oh no, the stress has really pushed her over the edge, she's giving up George?!"

Whew. I won't send the little men in white jackets, yet.

I can't believe you packed away George. I would have told the agent where to stuff that suggestion.

Jennifer said...

LOL--I love your prize idea!

And I feel your packing/storing pain! I'm so confused, I don't know where anything is. Please--may it be over for both of us soon!

I'll follow on Twitter--don't know why I wasn't before!

Ronnica said...

Oh, thanks for reposting the video! I never got to see it the first time around...you did a good job!

This is a very creative giveaway...but so works!

Kristen said...

So now I'm following you on twitter. I really want a video.

Debbie said...

Now this is a gift I'd like to have! And I don't know if I follow you on twitter or not. Twitter confuses me and some days makes me feel very inadequate:)

WheresMyAngels said...

Gee that looks like my garage and I'm not even doing remodeling!

It has been forever since I have been to SITS :( I can't keep up with people as it is right now :(

Jaime said...

My internet was down during the Spring Fling so I'm hosting a better-late-than-never blog giveaway myself. Come check it out but hurry, there are only a few hours left (officially ends at 3:35am Eastern)

Givinya De Elba said...

That song is the BEST! I was too late to enter because I am *that* socially pathetic! When I get in a tizz I lose all ability to follow blogs as closely as I usually do. But I LOVED the Clooney Song.

Anonymous said...

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