Saturday, October 10, 2009

What do you give to the kid with the bloody eyeballs?

If you're Kiddo's godmother (and my BFF), you give her these. As a "feel better soon" kind of present, mind you.

Yep, those are gumballs in the shape of bloody eyeballs.

Kiddo thinks they're hilarious.

(That's Kiddo, her godmother, the bloody eyeball gumballs, one of the books her godmother brought her and Merlin the Halloween cat, who is apparently related to Jack, the Halloween cat Kiddo got from her godmother a couple Halloweens ago.)


My name is Andy. said...

those are perfect!

Cristin said...

Those eyeballs are a riot!!

Anonymous said...

Too funny!

Ronnica said...

I'm glad she still has her sense of humor, even with bloody eyeballs.

Givinya De Elba said...

I think they're great too! I am glad she saw the funny side of them too!

Creative Junkie said...

Now THAT is a thoughtful godmother!

*thud* <----- me, passing out from the mere thought of bloody eyeballs.

Erin said...

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Anonymous said...

Sweet! Now I want some bloody eyeballs! I'm glad her surgery went well and that she is healing up. Reading your blog is a joy!


Mammatalk said...

Now, that's funny! Glad she's feeling better.