Friday, April 17, 2009

Bonus Phriday Photo Phun - KGW edition!

Yep, it's officially the start of Spring Break for us. Also known as Kindergartners Gone Wild!

As evidence, I give you my own Wild Child, recently returned home from Caribbean Beach Day at her elementary school, rocking out to her Boyz in the Sink CD in her room:

Oh yeah, it's kuh-RAZY up in here! We will be road-tripping for the first half of Spring Break, not to some southern, sunny, sandy shore someplace, but rather to NJ, where we will be hanging out with my side of the family. Hubby isn't coming along, as he has to golf work and all, so it will be a Smith Chicks Road Trip starting bright and early Sunday morning.

Right now, though, Hubby's out on the deck manning the grill and I'm sitting here with all the windows open and the sun still shining in and we're thinking after dinner, we may head up to the beach for the first Abbott's of the season. (Oh yes, Abbott's is the best stuff on Earth as far as "frozen dessert treats" go. Well, Del's Frozen Lemonade is pretty good stuff, too, but we only had access to that when we were living in New England, and Abbott's is a hometown treat for us now.)

If you too are Spring Breaking this week, hope you have a great time, and wherever you are, I hope you are having as lovely a day as we are in our corner of the world! (Except for you, Em, what with your rain, hail and tornado warnings, etc... I just hope you have good weather watching but nothing dangerous going down!)


Givinya De Elba said...

Ha! KGW! This week it's BTK - Back To Kindy - over here. SMJ has been saying, "It's taking so long to get to my new kindy!"

I feel guilty for not sending him from Jan-Mar, but I thought with the moving, it would have been excessive.

Add to that a bit of early Kindy LAST year for a kid desperate to learn stuff - three different kindies in 2 years was going to do my head in.

Third and final kindy coming up this Weds!

Carrie said...

Rock it sista!!!!

Cristin said...

Kindergateners Gone Wild! Oh no! I'm in for it this coming week with Graham home! I took the week AFTER spring vacation off from work so I could recover.

Joy said...

Those kindergarteners know how to cut a rug!

Joy, via Welcomistas