Thursday, December 31, 2009

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade

...and when life hands you wet, heavy snow that utterly stinks for sledding, you make snowmen. Or is that snowpeople? Snowpersons? Persons of snow?

Anyhow, that's exactly what happened this afternoon when Kiddo and I, after watching big, fat, fluffy, lake-effect snowflakes steadily falling from the sky all morning, decided we were going to head over to the closest hill and do some sledding. We bundled up, which involved finding things like sports bras, thermal leggings and snowpants (for Mommy) and then wrestling and/or stuffing various body parts into them (again, Mommy - Kiddo only needed help adjusting her scarf). We went on a search for the sleds (basement? Nope. Lanai? Nope again.) and then carefully extracted them from inside the wading pool which was stacked on top of lots of pointy, sharp, poky and/or rusty things up in the loft section of our garage. This involved balancing while bundled up like Ralphie's little brother Randy upon the second-to-top step of the stepladder, leaning way out to the left of the ladder over the chest freezer and reaching above my head, then trying to lift the sleds up and out of the pool, over the ledge and pass them gently down to Kiddo who was dancing about and generally not paying much attention to the daredevil feats of bravery occurring several feet above her head. Once we got ourselves and our gear strapped into the minivan, I opened the garage door (I left it closed for the sled extraction as I didn't particularly want any of the neighbors witnessing that scene) and we began merrily backing out into the driveway. The driveway upon which it was no longer snowing flakes of big, puffy, picturesque perfection, but rather spitting down some sort of freezing rain/graupel (and if you need to click on the link to learn what graupel is, then I am most envious because obviously you live in a part of the world with a much more pleasant climate and therefore much more pleasant forms of precipitation) and generally not looking too promising. Kiddo and I gamely headed up the road anyway to the high school, where there are several hills upon which one can sled, and pulled in to the parking lot to discover there wasn't going to be any sledding going on today.

We turned the car around and headed home, the kid quite disappointed and the both of us rather warm in our bundling. I didn't want all that effort to be for naught and decided to invoke the Life Handing One Lemons philosophy and when we arrived home, I suggested to Kiddo that perhaps this heavy, wet snow would be good for snowman building. So, we did.

Kiddo has always been a fan of the "jam and pack" method of snowperson creation, instead of the more traditional "roll a snowball and stack" method. Sometimes, her jamming and packing gets a bit......... exuberant, and she then has to do snowperson body repair and patching.

We will call our snowman Ned, but first he has to have a head.......................... and a face!

His head will have to have a hat. His hat is on, just look at that!

Lemonade! Also known as Kiddo and Ned!

(By the by, the above lines and name of the snowman come from the Eastman/McKie children's book Snow, which was one of my favorite stories as a small child and now is one of Kiddo's favorite stories. This is the reason why more snowpeople created by members of my family get named Ned than any other name.............)


Anonymous said...

Your blog entries always make my day. I wish Michael J Fox and his family knew about your blog, just because of the enthusiasm, humor and optimism in it. We are enjoying snow in our new locale, we suck at building snowmen but we rock at snow dragons. Snow dragons are lower to the ground and thus easier for us to do. LOL

Kiddo looks great with her snowperson!


Startup Wife said...

That is an adorable snowman--I've always wondered what it would be like to just have snow outside on a semi-regular basis during the winter. So fun!

Ann said...

Very cute snowman/person! I also live where we have some ...uh, what did you call it? Graupel?? I've never heard that term, tho... maybe we don't call it that out West? hmmm....

Adelaide Dupont said...

Enjoying Ned, and the process of how he was made.

Jam and pack can be very effective too!

Snow dragons: now that is one to try.

dancing_lemur said...

Count me as one who had to click the link for "graupel"--Southerner, here.

Looks like a fun day for you, Kiddo, AND Ned!

Anonymous said...

Oh! I love her so very much. Looks like you guys are making the most of the deep-freeze.

I'm thinking of you and I promise to be around more now that the Great Plague has started to abate.

Debbie said...

Boo to snow that is sledable! We are getting about three flakes right now and oddly, they are letting school out early. I know my kids are going to be so excited - yet, no snow!

Anna Lefler said...

"Persons of snow."

Man, that's genius.

:-D Anna