Monday, December 14, 2009

We will, we will ROCK YOU!

So, it turns out that 38 has been one of the best birthdays EVER in the life of this particular chick. Not only because of my wonderful husband and beloved daughter, either. Well actually, yes because of my wonderful husband, because he gave me the coolest present ever...

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith


Rock Band 2.

Yes, yes, yes, I know. We're totally years behind on this whole Rock Band/Guitar Hero phenomenon. For ages now, I've heard folks talk, blog and tweet about how much fun they were having rocking out to one of those games. I honestly didn't really get all the fuss. Pushing little buttons in time to music? Huh.

Then, Hubby gave me the two games, plus the cymbals add-on for Rock Band. Being Hubby as he is, he bought the various pieces over a period of several months, and kept them hidden away at his office, where I rarely go and when I do, I'm not left alone. I opened my presents this morning over breakfast (which consisted in part of a Wegmans Bakery cinnamon streusel friedcake - if loving them is wrong, I don't want to be right) and then Hubby and Kiddo promptly departed for work and school, leaving me all alone in the house with my new toys.

I decided I'd just open up Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. Just to, you know, check it out. I put together the bits and got everything all synced up and connected and gave it a try.

Two and a half hours later, I realized I was still sitting on the family room floor in my jammies playing the game. Apparently I suddenly got the appeal.

After school, Kiddo and I started putting together the Rock Band equipment. Realizing it was well beyond our technical capabilities, we decided to pause lest we break something (we're both quite good at breaking things, thankyouverymuch) and waited for our roadie to get home from work and take care of it. Hubby made quick work out of assembling the drum kit with cymbals add-on (Kiddo consistently called the cymbals "tambourines" which cracked us up) and we fired up the Rock Band disc.

And OH EM GEE y'all!! Did you know that this game allows for one to SING? Into a super-kewl MICROPHONE? Why did no one tell me this years and years ago when the game first came out?! I thought it was all pushing buttons (which the guitar/bass parts kind of are, though that is admittedly way the heck more fun than I'd assumed it to be) or drumming, but you can SING as part of the game, too! Not just any old songs, either, but FUN songs that I KNOW, like Duran Duran and Queen and David Bowie. (Also, lots of songs I thought I know but when attempting to sing them, it turns out I don't really know them nearly as well as I thought. Hubby was cracking up a few times to the point that he could no longer keep playing his own part.)

We proceeded to take turns rocking out on the drums, then paused for dinner and the World's Best Birthday Cake, then after Kiddo went to bed, Hubby and I continued to rock out for a few more hours. All in all, a fantabulous birthday was had by me. Plus, I was surprised with a SECOND birthday cake, this one the Wegmans Ultimate Chocolate Cake, and seriously, what on Earth could possibly be better than one birthday cake? TWO BIRTHDAY CAKES, of course!

Oh, and for the proverbial frosting on the proverbial cake, I managed to find that earring I dropped yesterday afternoon. Yes, it was with my foot, but I had socks on so it wasn't like I pierced my toe with it or anything. Woot!

Here's a brief photo recap of my super-rockin' birthday...

A couple of Guitar Heroes, waiting for Hubby to come home:

Hubby's turn, with Kiddo backseat-drumming - "The red one! The yellow one! The bass! The blue one!"

Kiddo taking her turn on the drums:

The birthday cake...

Seriously, this counts as food porn. I cannot adequately express in words the utter deliciousness of Cheesy Eddie's carrot cake.

The post-Kiddo-bedtime rock session. Yes, I'm wearing my stylin', stylin' jammies (old flannel PJ bottoms, even older way-oversized t-shirt and paint-spattered, oversized sweatshirt. Straight outta Victoria's Secret, mmm-hmmm. Oh, and don't forget the wool socks - any rock star's must-have wardrobe accessory.). I know, you don't have to tell me. I simply am the hottest 38 year old around...

Long live Rock-n-Roll! If you're ever up for a jam session, you know where to find me!


Ronnica said...

Glad you had an awesome birthday! Looks like you have quite the makings of a family band!

Givinya De Elba said...

I am so glad it was great! And how cool does all that FUN look!

My name is Andy. said...

Awesome Dude!!!

It looks like so much fun!
But why is there no video???

A Wii just made it's way into my attic...... there may be much fun in our future too.

Smoochiefrog said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Glad you had a blast!

Creative Junkie said...

Ummm, hello? No video? I fully expected to see a Youtube thing going on here?

Happy birthday!

((wiping drool from my monitor - Cheese Eddie's Carrot Cake is totally moan worthy))

Teresa said...

Boo for the previous poster. Spam sucks!

But in happier news, glad you had a rockin' birthday, and congrats on the sweet sweet lootz! Count us in for a Rock Band Playdate! Malcolm is a maniac at this game! He scored a 74% on a guitar solo in practice mode!

Teresa said...

Oh, and I have never experienced the wonder of Cheesy Eddie's anything, let alone Carrot Cake. I feel deprived. Someday, we must go out . . . it's an educational requirement!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES thats the best 38th birthday ever!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy, happy, happy, HAPPY belated birthday to one of my very favorite people in the entire world!

Kiddo looks like she is channeling her inner Rockstar for sure - and you look like you had a heck of a birthday too!

Monica said...

I have four kids... 3 boys 21, 19, & 17 and a daughter 15 and we have had quite a few "Rock Band" parties. We have a 55 in TV and surround sound...which makes it even more fun. Our home is generally FULL of teenagers...which makes me happy because when they are all at my home...I know they are safe.
A family that plays together...stays together!
Happy Birthday!!!! Rock on!