Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Germies update

So, the cough, fever and Niagara Falls Nostrils that the kiddo has right now? Turns out, it's pneumonia. !!! We learned this after a visit to the pediatrician followed by a visit to the hospital for a chest x-ray, followed by a trip to the pharmacy for some groovy, kick-ass antibiotic. Unfortunately, those three stops took us well over five hours when all was said and done, which was plenty of time for the kiddo's morning ibuprofen dose to wear off and for her fever to spike anew, causing her to become one cranky, miserable kid. I almost lost it at the pharmacy when we arrived to find that the prescription had not yet been filled, nor even sent to them, and then spent twenty minutes on hold with my doctor's office without a single, live person picking up to find out where exactly the prescription was... Thankfully while I was draining my cell phone battery listening to "Your call is important to us. We appreciate your patience. Please remain on the line and your call will be answered in the order it was received" the prescription was eventually faxed over and then filled. Whew. Neither of us particularly ever want to see any waiting room bench again anytime soon, that's for sure! But, now that she's had her first dose o' azithromycin and another dose of ibuprofen, she's perked right back up again.

Pneumonia. For crying out loud. What's next, bubonic plague? Yeesh!!!

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