Saturday, November 26, 2011

A bird in the hand...

Kiddo and I went with some friends to a nearby park this morning that has a trail frequented by wild birds as well as people. (How crazy is this weather - it was in the 50s here today! Outdoors in a light jacket in late November? Woohoo!) The reason we went to this particular trail was because we'd heard if you bring some bird seed with you, put some in your hand, hold your arm out and stay very still and quiet, you can be a human bird feeder!

Our friends had done this before, and told us if you try this in the winter, the chickadees positively swarm your hand to devour the seeds. Today's chickadees seemed pretty well-fed, as the trail was quite busy with human bird feeders. (We also saw cardinals, jays, woodpeckers and finches, but only the chickadees ventured onto our hands.) We weren't exactly swarmed, but we each had birds land on our hands a few times. We will definitely go back in the winter to feed the birds again!

(PS - Another plea as we're now just 17 days away from my birthday.... won't you please help me make my 40th birthday wish come true? Thanks so very much!!)


My name is Andy. said...

you are very brave and very crazy!! I am scared to death of birds, even cute little ones like that! How did you know that it wasn't going to dive bomb you at any moment and get it's beak stuck in your forehead?? Or is that just my own personal fear?

Crazy Sister said...

It's so sweet!

Joanna Jenkins said...

I'm not sure I'd have the nerve to stick my hand out like that but how cool the bird (was small!) and came to feed.

And I just read your 40th birthday request. I am totally in on that. Happy Birthday!