Sunday, April 11, 2010

A little advice (also known as I am so smart)

Say you have an iPod Touch that your kind and thoughtful, wonderful husband gave you for your 15th wedding anniversary back in January.  (Thanks again, honey!)

And say that a kind and thoughtful, wonderful friend who also owns an iPod Touch gave you a super-cool, hot pink, silicone skin for your Touch.  (Thanks again, Kristin!)

And say that your six year old owns a little, red egg full of Silly Putty that she leaves on the end table in the family room right next to your favorite spot for curling up and watching TV at night.

Sure, go right ahead, play with that Silly Putty while you're watching TV.  It's fun, after all, I mean, it's Silly Putty - go crazy, stretch it out, roll it up, flatten it on the table to make it all smooth...

Just don't.  Do.  This.

You will not wind up with a cool, funky, line-y print from the back of your iPod skin on your flattened blob of Silly Putty.  You will wind up with some sort of chemical reaction that bonds the Silly Putty to the silicone skin with a vengeance and will not come off.

Oh, and if you do decide to stick the rolled out, flattened circle of Silly Putty onto your iPod Touch skin and then spend the next forty-five minutes scraping it off molecule by molecule?  Don't decide to try to get the last blob off by resticking the Silly Putty to the spot because then you've just wasted forty-five minutes, you complete and utter idiot.

Oh yes, I am so smart.  S-M-R-T.

I'm just glad I didn't try to, say, get a print of my eyeball with my contact lenses in or something equally clever.

UPDATE: I put the skin in the freezer overnight, then scraped off what I could with a butter knife and followed that up with some rubbing alcohol on a q-tip and a warm water bath with plenty of dish soap, and voila!  Good as new!  Or, at least as good as if it hadn't had Silly Putty stuck to its back, twice.....

(And in case you're wondering, no one yet has posted *anything* on the internet about "how to remove Silly Putty from a silicone iPod skin" - yes, I managed to stump Google!  I used various methods recommended for other things to which folks have stuck Silly Putty in the past to come up with what I finally did.  Now, I suppose, any future such Google searches will come!  Hee!)


kwr221 said...


Sorry, lol

Cristin said...

hehehe... I probably would have tried to remove the putty with more putty too. I'm not very smart.

My name is Andy. said...

Oh My!!! But now I want me some silly putty to play with!!

Try sticking the cover in the freezer then breaking off the frozen silly putty. That works for other things (like stuck to clothes).

Good luck!

Crazy Sister said...


Creative Junkie said...

Oh no, Heather! :(

What about peanut butter or WD-40 - those are supposed to remove stubborn stickers off of things?

I have UnDo, which is an adhesive remover for scrapbooking - maybe that would work?

Sue said...

I guess you need to write a Wiki so others will find the answer!

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Oh my goodness! lol My younger brother has an iPod Touch and LOVES it.

Givinya De Elba said...

You're one clever chickie, puttin' it in the freezer :)

One would think that Crazy Sister would have had a more helpful comment, given that she has to clean up the most amazing messes in her life. Going to her blog and selecting her "mess" label makes for some truly amazing reading.