Thursday, May 29, 2008

Time to start the anti-rain dances in earnest...


Is NOT what I want to be seeing for Saturday's weather. Not with 21 kids coming to the park for the kiddo's birthday party! The best of all the various weather forecasts I watched or read this morning is calling for "occasional thundershowers" and man, you would not believe how much I'm clinging to that word occasional....... The national maps don't give me much hope that the humungous area of wet weather will either hold off until later Saturday afternoon or come through and be gone by Saturday morning, either.


I knew I was tempting fate - or in this case, Mother Nature - by choosing an outdoor venue for the party. I should've just forked over the money for the YMCA. Dagnabit. Looks like we'll be crammed into the pavilion playing games instead of the kids all frolicking about on the spectacular playground.

*grumble grumble grumble*

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My name is Andy. said...

Yikes! I hope it clears up before then! I'd even let the clouds blow this way and rain on us for the weekend so that kiddo can have a great birthday party!