Friday, March 28, 2008

Hardy har har, Mother Nature

Guess I shouldn't have posted about how I can't wait for spring to hurry up and get here! This was the view out the back door of our house at 7:00 this morning:

Our house was in the 3-6 inch total snowfall color band on the morning weather report, so I guess it could've been worse, as some of the higher elevations a bit further out were in the 12 inch total snowfall color band. There even were some delayed openings and school closings listed on the bottom of the screen for some of the heavier-hit areas. We did have enough snow in this part of town that I got stuck behind a plow both on the way to and from dropping the kiddo off at school though, grrrr.

Since whinging on about the nasty, snowy weather when it is supposed to be spring and sunshiny isn't getting me anywhere, I'm going to try instead for a bit of reverse psychology and see if that helps.....

Woo-hoo, snow! Yippie! Can't wait to go make snow angels and snowmen and get in another sledding run! Yee-ha! I looooove having to brush my car off after going to the grocery store, mmmm-hmmm! Oh, and having a big, slushy pile of snow fall out of the trees overhead as I walked out of preschool this morning and land with a plop right down the back of my neck? Twice? Positively delightful! I just hope it snows even more this weekend! Oh yeah!! Global warming, my foot! I hope I can keep cramming hats and mittens onto the squirmy and protesting kiddo until at least May or June! Whee!

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