Friday, May 20, 2011

Rapture, shmapture.

So, there's been a lot of hubbub lately about the End of the World, specifically about how it will begin to end tomorrow. (Quick digression: is all this talk earworming songs into your head, too? I've had a persistent earworm-off between REM and Blondie for days now...)

While I do not doubt that there are some folks out there who believe this is it, I'm not one of them. I admit to being momentarily surprised to actually drive past one of those "End of the World 5/21/11" billboards a few miles from my house earlier today. (I guess I assumed this was more of a Bible Belt kind of thing.) I've chuckled at some of the Rapture-related jokes I've seen online (the Facebook event for the post-Rapture looting party, for example), and generally find myself firmly in the "tongue in cheek" camp about the topic.

To that end, when asked what my plans are for the start of the End of Days, I've responded "I'm going to Disney World!" Which is true, actually. We are heading to Disney World for Kiddo's eighth birthday. (Side note: how did eight years go by so fast?!?) We've got the house and cat sitters lined up, the bags packed, the boarding passes printed. So, if it turns out I'm wrong and the doomsday prophesiers are right, well, at least we'll be spending the last day in the Happiest Place on Earth!

And...... when we get back, I will be starting my new job!! I know, I haven't mentioned it yet - I wanted to wait for all the Is to be dotted and Ts crossed. Well, they are, as of earlier today, so it is now official and I can say that as of June 1st, I will end my career as solely a SAH mom and rejoin the paid workforce! I've taken a part time position as an administrative assistant for a church that is right around the corner from our house (not the one or even the denomination of the one to which we belong). I'm really excited to be earning some money, even if it isn't much (the job is just 3 mornings a week), and contributing to the household income again. The people I've met at the church so far have been really great, and I'm looking forward to starting..... once we're back from Disney and assuming the world hasn't ended, of course.

I have a spiffy iPhone app Hubby recommended that I'm testing now and hope to use to update my blog from the road. We'll see how that goes...

To sum up, it may be the end of the world as we know it, but I feel fine!